Kimmi (iddleskittle808) wrote in rochester_gg,

Silent Hill is in theaters today! I'd go see it, then come back here and blather about it, but I'm pretty broke right now :/

So here's your homework: Go see it, then tell us what you thought! Did they finally make a video game into a movie that doesn't suck, or can I stop holding my breath?

Well, allright. Not homework per se, you don't have to if you don't want. But it'd be nice to not be the only one trying to start discussions on here :p

And while I'm posting: I hate the freaking snake in Resident Evil: DS. Seriously, where is the logic in this? Here you have a massive, man-eating poisonous snake that is currently interested in swallowing you whole. You have a number of weapons at your disposal, including a shotgun, a magnum, and maybe a bazooka. And the course of action your character chooses is to try to take it down with a knife. Argh.

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    I just got a Gamecube for my birthday :D Are there any must-haves for the system? I never thought I'd own one, so I never followed the games.

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    Oh, Nintendo, honey, no. Just no. Bah, I'm still going to call it the Revolution. Here's hoping it really is some kind of weird publicity stunt :/

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    Just came across some pictures of Red Steel, the Yakuza oriented FPS launch title for the Revolution. Check 'em out:…

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