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thank you for the survery... I'm so bad at introducing myself without 'em.

Hi! My name is Brittany. I'm 19 (20 on 6/6) annnnd I like games. I'm also an anime fan, cosplayer (my LJ info shows my Tifa and Zelda costumes), and Japanese music fan.

1. What are your top 5 favourite games, and why?
1) Final Fantasy VI (6) - Celes Chere. That's my reason!
2) Star Ocean: Til the End of Time - I reeeeeally love this game. As soon as I saw the artwork when the game was in production I knew I would love it. It just took forever to get here! When I was in Japan in '03 I went into a game store and humped the box and then it finally came out here and I played it non-stop and did everything. The best part was the Freya and Lenneth (Valkyrie Profile) cameos.
3) The Legend of Zelda: the Ocarina of Time - This game is my favorite from the Legend of Zelda franchise.
4) Super Mario Bros 3 - always fun and I never get sick of it.
5) Star Wars: KOTOR - soooo addicting.
just for fun: SNOOD!!!
2. What's your favourite console(s)?
My favorites are the SNES and PS2. Those consoles have the best RPGs. My PSP and DS are a bit neglected but I'm hoping to buy new games soon. I have about 20 consoles/handhelds total but that's because I seldom trade anything in.
3. If you're planning on getting a next-gen console, which one, and why?
All of them eventually. I've got the 360 but my only games are DOA4 and Elder Scrolls 4.
4. Do you play PC games at all?
I have an ancient computer with Windows Millenium. Enough said -_-;; as much as I would love to play my FFXI, it's just not possible at the moment. The last MMORPG I played was PSO on Dreamcast because I'm just not into computers.
5. Finally, put down any screen names, email addresses, ect that you'd like to have other members contact you at. (very optional!)
KonekoRevolution (AIM) email:golden_galaxia@hotmail.com

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    Oh, Nintendo, honey, no. Just no. Bah, I'm still going to call it the Revolution. Here's hoping it really is some kind of weird publicity stunt :/

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