Joyful Princess (fragiletruth) wrote in rochester_gg,
Joyful Princess

I'm usually a lurker in most of my communities, but I suppose I'll post an intro :)

I'm Sarah. I have been playing computer games since I was a small child (if old-school children's games count), my favorites change often. Right now my only console is a PS2, but I think I like the Gamecube a little better. My current favorite games include Katamari Damacy/We ♥ Katamari, the Warioware games, DDR/Karaoke Revolution, Kingdom Hearts, and the Sims 2 for the PC. I used to play World of Warcraft...but the 'takes over your life' factor forced me to realise I had to quit.

I've always had a space in my heart for Nintendo systems, as that's what I remember from being little and getting to see Mario being played at a neighbor's house (I have never gotten more than a level or two into Mario myself though O_o). My first console was the GameBoy Color, and I think the Game Boy/Nintendo DS/whatever they call it now console remains my favorite...Gamecube if it has to be hooked up to a TV.

I will have no money or reason to buy any of the new consoles for a while...

Contact info is on my profile...and half the community members (as of when I joined) know me anyway :)

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    I just got a Gamecube for my birthday :D Are there any must-haves for the system? I never thought I'd own one, so I never followed the games.

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    Oh, Nintendo, honey, no. Just no. Bah, I'm still going to call it the Revolution. Here's hoping it really is some kind of weird publicity stunt :/

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    Just came across some pictures of Red Steel, the Yakuza oriented FPS launch title for the Revolution. Check 'em out:…

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